How to find IMEI number ?, IMEI number verification.

Dec 1, 2009

"IMEI" that is to say International Mobile Equipment Identity, if your handset not having this number then that will stop work since December 1. I think this will affect most of the Chinese made handsets, they only produce these kind of handsets (I don’t know why they were doing so). All mobile operators across India are asked Telecommunication department to stop services to such sets. To check your IMEI number of your set, just Type following code *#06# and get your IMEI number, which will have 15 or 17 digits, authorized by GSMA. If want to know manufacturing date of your handset (I think this code only for nokia sets, if some other set also recognize this code – please inform me ) along with IMEI then try this *#92702689#

Most of the imported low cost handsets are noticed with IMEI number, but duplicate or cloned one. Most of them coming from China, recently many of the Chinese firms are send millions of cheap handsets to Indian market which are invalid as per Indian and international laws.

The IMEI number is currently in AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D format. AA is body identifier, BBBBBB is the remainder of TAC (Type Allocation Code), CCCCCC stands model of the set, D is validates the Id number.

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An unknown young girl teached me, about Global warming and its affects .

Nov 26, 2009

Today i have got a message to my mobile, normally i used to delete this kind of messages because of the senders are unknown, some ads. But the displayed subject tag addressing me as a brother. Curiously i have opened that. I am rewriting all are in below.

Dear Bro / Sis
I want to say something to you regarding Global Warming. By the next 25 years our earth will become 5 degrees hotter than it's now. Our himalaya glaciers are melting at a rapid rate. So all of us lend our hands to fight Global Warming. " Plant more trees - Don't waste water - Don't use or burnt plastic". Being an educated please don't this message without forwarding.

By your loving sister


Protect your flash , swf files, install Flash Protection Gold 1.42

Nov 23, 2009

Get protection for your flash and flex files through Flash protection gold 1.30. It has three layers encrypt techniques to prevent illegal copying and decompiling.It does not need to write any code. Protect all ART media in your flash (SWF), such as Graphics(Bitmap and Shape), MovieClips, Sounds, Videos, Drawing Object, Text Font, ActionScript 2/3 and others in the library.


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